Monday, January 14, 2013

45. Visit 20 bars I’ve never been to before - 1) The Albatross

1) The Albatross
1822 San Pablo Ave, Berkeley, CA

The pub is dark, full of good beer, $1 bottomless popcorn, board games and entire wall of dart boards! I really can't complain!

I showed up at 6:30 to meet a friend for drink and sadly was stood up. However as I sat there reading about soil and sipping on my tonic and lime (I'm on the wagon for the Jan), I was approached by a group of people playing cards against humanity who asked if I would like to play (Ahem.. use the table). As the political incorrectness and booze flowed through our merry band of recently introduced 20 somethings, the bar filled up around us and by 9:00 a very very busy pub quiz had formed around our table. Although we didn't participate, the questions sounded well organized and diverse. As I left, sides hurting from laughing, with bits of popcorn in my purse and four new friends on Facebook, I decided that I definitely need to come to this place again!

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